Windlesora 36


Published in 2020.

Front Cover

Windlesora 36 (2020)

Front cover: Reproduced here with the kind permission of Bonhams, Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers,


Editorial (*)Carol Dixon-Smith
A Dog Fit for a KingLeslie Grout
WW2: Clifford Chew & the Battle of BritainDerek Hunt
A Royal Mistress & Burford HouseDr. B Mitchell
Windsor Cemetery Series: Geoffrey and Cranley OnslowDerek Hunt
WW2: From Windsor to HollywoodValerie Lock
WW2: Bf109E-1 CrashDerek Hunt
Windsor’s Civil War FortificationsE Kupfermann
WW2: Dornier DO17Z-3 CrashDerek Hunt
WW2: Bombs that Fell on WindsorDr. B Mitchell
WW2: Dedworth V-1
– Grandad & the V-1
– When Cricket Saved the Day John Handcock

Len Nash
John Handcock
WW2: Childhood War MemoriesGeofrey Goody
WW2: Windsor’s Worst Air RaidDerek Hunt
Sydney Camm & the Hawker HurricaneMalcolm Lock
WW2: Oliver Brooks VC & the WarDerek Hunt
The Royal Garden Party for VC RecipientsDerek Hunt
Princess Victoria & All Saints’ ChurchThe Revd. J Hurst
WW2: Victory in EuropeC Dixon-Smith
WW2: John Counsell & the SurrenderC Dixon-Smith
Honour The Light BrigadeDerek Hunt
WW2: Victory Over JapanC Dixon-Smith
Mysterious Last Request of Richard MatthewsNikki Johnson
George IVMargaret Lenton
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Welcome to our 36th edition of Windlesora.

It has been a tough year for everyone and we hope our readers have stayed safe. Our Group has not been able to meet as usual, most of us have been self-isolating, but we have continued our research and writing.

As usual, the breadth of topics and the depth of knowledge is exceptional. With subjects as diverse as a royal dog, a Hollywood star. and a mysterious last request, we hope you’ll be surprised, intrigued, and entertained.

This year also brought some important anniversaries such as VE Day, VJ Day, and the Battle of Britain, and that being the case, we decided to give this edition a World War 2 focus The great events are interspersed with personal experiences: the tragic and the humorous, the inspiring and the gallant. Windsor and its people faced and experienced it all.

Dr. Brigitte Mitchell and Mr. Derek Hunt are currently researching material for their next book, Windsor in the Second World War, and are keen to collate as many local stories as possible before they are lost to us.

So don’t be shy!

If you have memories you can share, family stories to tell, or photographs to show, please contact us. It all adds to the rich tapestry of our town’s history. Contact details are online.

In the meantime, enjoy Windlesora 36, tell us your stories, and most importantly, stay safe and well.

Carol Dixon-Smith