The Windsor Local History Group are based in the scenic town of Windsor in Royal Berkshire. It sits on the River Thames some 25 miles from the centre of London. It is an area of extreme interest for historians being:

  • the seat of the monarchy for centuries,
  • within a stone’s throw having other famous towns and villages such as Eton & Old Windsor, and
  • many residents have gone on to contribute significantly to the area and to the UK.

Windsor is famous worldwide and receives many tourists every year. Due to this, there has been a plethora of books, articles, talks, and the like about the history mostly focussing on the castle and its occupants.

The Group was formed in 1976 when a number of WEA students and tutors formed the Windsor Local History Publications Group. The stated aim was to foster research in the field of local history, specifically the town and people of Windsor, and to publish the results. You may have seen some of our publications over the years.

The word “publications” was dropped in 2004, and the group became known as the Windsor Local History Group. Members have individual topics and specialisations but share their knowledge and research. This can be through books, articles, talks, and social media, and of course the recognised annual journal, Windlesora.

The Group meets regularly to discuss projects current and future, encourage further research, ensure collaboration with other local groups and societies, and answer questions from the wider public. It also discusses future publications and opportunities for sharing knowledge through other media.

Members of the WLHG at the 2019 Open Day: (L to R seated) Sue Mercer, Elias Kupfermann, Beryl Hedges; (L to R standing) Anne Taylor, Margeret Lenton, Susy Shearer, Vaughan Sutton, Brigitte Mitchell, Catherine Sutton, Jacqui  Cawthorne, Tony Heaton, Sue Ashley, Leslie Grout; (Behind the camera) Photograph and image copyright: Carol Dixon-Smith

The Group possesses an extensive array of printed materials such as local newspapers, maps, photos, postcards, audio/visual materials, and traditional books. We are also looking to build a digitized archive for future generations. If you are interested in more information or joining us, please use the form on the Contact page and we will get in touch.

The Group if always interested to receive local material especially old photographs, letters, diaries, and similar material. Please do get in contact.