Windlesora 24


Published in 2008

Front Cover

Windlesora 24 (2008)

The picture on the front cover is Windsor Castle by Canaletto which was finished in 1747. It normally hangs in Alnwick Castle in Northumberland and is reproduced courtesy of The Estate of the Duke of Northumberland.


Canaletto and the Mysterious Mr CrowleHester Davenport
Kipling Building
from College to Cakes
Barbara Mitch
Holy Trinity Church
Why was it built?
Brigitte Mitchell
The Sad Tale of Maria
Debunking another Windsor Myth
Pamela Marson
Archaeological Discoveries
St Leonard’s Hill, Windsor in 1705-1720
Geoffrey Try
1937 – Windsor’s Two Months of Majesty
Unveiling of George V Memorial
And Three Weeks Later, The Coronation
John Handcock
1947 Presenting the Bouquet
to Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth
Valerie Mason
Unfit for Occupation
Windsor barracks in the early 19th century
Brigitte Mitchell
The Bridge at Windsor
and its Masconic Dedication Ceremony
Elias Kupfermann
The Church of St Peter and St Andrew, Old WindsorMargaret Gilson
Soup Recipe for Charitable Institutions
from the Windsor & Eton Express, January 7th 1821
Sue Ashley
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