Windlesora 23


Published in 2007

Front Cover

Windlesora 23 (2007)

The photograph on the front cover shows the band marching past Caleys back to the barracks after the changing of the guard at the Castle.


How do you Solve a Problem like Maria?
– Documenting the Caley Family
Pamela Marson
A Shop of Wealth and Fashion
– Caley’s Business
Norman Oxley
Cross and Crested ChinaDerek Hunt
The Changing Face of Grocery Shopping
– Including the Story of the Darvilles
Sue Ashley
John Ramsbottom
– Banker, Brewer, MP, and Freemason
Elias Kupfermann
Thief on the RunHester Davenport
PostcardsBeryl Hedges
The Windsor and Eton Express Newspaper FilesBrigitte Mitchell
The WorkroomBetty Goddard
The Corby Trouser PressGeoff Try
Shopping in the Sixties
– Including the Story of Daniels
Barbara Mitch
The Lay Stewards of St George’s ChapelJohn Handcock
Old Windsor Goes to War
– As Recorded by the Parish Magazines
Margaret Gilson
Book Reviews:
– Charles Knight: Educator, Published, Writer
– Remembering Wartime Ascot, Sunningdale, and Sunninghill, 1939-45

Hester Davenport
Margaret Gilson
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