Windlesora 26


Published in 2010.

Front Cover

Windlesora 26 (2010)

The picture on the front cover is from the Illustrated London News and shows Queen Victoria watching while ‘Lord’ George Sanger’s Circus paraded through Windsor on 17 July 1899. The circus had come to town by Royal Command of the Queen.


The Circus comes to Town
200 Years of the Circus in Windsor
Geoffrey Try
‘I saved the Train’
Heroism on the Windsor Express
Hester Davenport
Who Do You Think You Are?
– The Life and Times of James Thomas Bedborough
Elias Kupfermann
The Notorious Mrs. Eliabeth BedboroughBrigitte Mitchell
Townswomen in WindsorBarbara Mitch
The Gwyn Inheritance: continuedAvon Edward Foote
Fire!Hester Davenport
Tragedy at Windsor TheatreHester Davenport
Attempted Assassination
of Queen Victoria in Windsor in 1882
Brigitte Mitchell
AY Nutt
Artist and Archtect
Norman Oxley
Windsor’s First Woman Mayor
– Mrs. Florence Mary Carteret Carey
Pamela Marson
Words of Comfort from the Front during the First World WarKeith Moore
Brigitte Mitchell
Mystery at Oakley Green?John Batt Rawden
Drowned at Sea: Owen George Allum
– Victim of the Titanic Disaster 1912
Elias Kupfermann
When the Windsor Girls’ School went on the RecordJacqui O’Brien
Vignettes from the Windsor ExpressBrigitte Mitchell
Beaumont at Old WindsorMargaret Gilson
Hadleigh House and Clifford Lodge
– Two Jewels in Windsor’s Historic Treasury
Hadleigh House and Clifford Lodge
– Two Jewels in Windsor’s Historic Treasury
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