Windlesora 12


Published in 1993.

Front Cover

Windlessora 12 (1993)

Front Cover: Margaret Oliphant. Details of a drawing by Janet Mary Oliphant from “Autobiography and Letters of Mrs. Oliphant“, Ed. Harry Coghill, 1895.


Margaret OliphantHester Davenport
Cinderella in the Waterloo ChamberClaude Whatham
Throwing Some Light on the LaplighterJoyce Wall
The Chocolate Connection
– Caleys of Windsor and Norwich
Pamela Marson
Buried TreasureFred Fuzzens
Scamps Reclaimed
– St Augustine’s Home, Clewer
Valerie Bonham
Libraries for Working MenPamela Marson
Book Reviews:
– The Royal Stained Glass Works, Olw Windsor, Berkshire
– Wessex Archaeological Report No. 3 Jennings Yard, Windsor
– Fires of Windsor Castle

Valerie Bonham
Edward Sammes
Valerie Bonham
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