Windlesora 11


Published in 1992.

Front Cover

Windlesora 11 (1992)

Front cover: Drawings by Ralph Cleaver from The Graphic, July 20th, 1912.


Robert Keayne
– of Windsor and Massachusetts
Gordon Cullingham
From Rags to Ritual
– The Early Years of Clewer St Stephen
Valerie Bonham
Excerpts from my Early LifeFred Fuzzens
The Windsor Parish PlayersElizabeth Brown
A Schoolboy View of the 1947 FloodsJames Ayres
Sophie Elizabeth
– Marquise d’Harcourt (1771-1846)
Shiela Rooney
Enjoying HistoryRaymond South
Book Reviews:
– A Place in Life
– St Leonard’s Hill, Windsor

Shiela Rooney
Valerie Bonham
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