Windlesora 01


Published 1982.

Front Cover

Windlesora 01 (1982)

Cover illustration by Daphne Fido.


Editorial (*)
Swan Upping (*)Pam Marson &
Gordon Cullingham
A Peep Behind the Ivy (*)Elizabeth Brown
Eton Boys and the River (*)Selina Ballance
Recipe – Windsor Gingerbread (*)Pam Marson
The Brewhouse Gallery: Eton College (*)Patrick Devlin
The Windsors Martyrs (*)Jean Kirkwood
A Royal Relic (*)Jane Reddick
“Thames Fludde” – The Dreadful Warning (*)Gordon Cullingham
The Fascination with Directories (*)Judith Hunter
Excerpt from “Passages of a Working Life” by Charles Knight, 1864. (*)Beryl Hedges
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We hope that readers like the 1st edition of our local history journal. Members of the Group are constantly researching and working on a variety of subjects concerning the history of Windsor and Eton. In some cases, the end result has been a book but sometimes the stories that have been discovered are more suitable for an article.

Other people besides ourselves may have memories or work they would like published. We would like to extend an invitation to our readers to contact us, with contributions to the Journal in the form of articles long or short, letters, notes, or queries. We would also gladly include old photographs.

Ann Brett