Windlesora 35


Published in 2019.

Front Cover

Windlesora 35 (2019)

Front cover: The Nubian Giraffe (Oct 1827) by Jacques-Laurent Agasse (1767-1849); oil on canvas, 127.3 x 101.7cm. Reproduced here with the kind permission of the Royal Collection Trust, © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 2019.


Editorial (*)Carol Dixon-Smith
The CamelopardDr. B Mitchell
Doris Mellor: Her Windsor ChildhoodSue Ashley
St Leonard’s, Mrs. Dodge, and the RomanovsE Kupfermann
Wilfred Huggins RAL & T Marsden-Higgens
Emily Handcock: Adventure in FranceE & J Handcock
Peace Day Celebrations 1919Derek Hunt
Victoria and Albert: 200 YearsMargaret Lenton
Windsor Cemetery Road NamesC Dixon-Smith
Windsor Cemetery Series:
– Sir William Carter
– Mrs. Florence Carteret Carey
Derek Hunt
Windsor and D-Day Part 1:
– Windsor Losses
– Windsor Man Survives Atrocity

C Dixon-Smith
Derek Hunt
Did You Know?Dr. B Mitchell
Unfortunate Episode of Ecclesiastical HistoryLeslie Grout
Windsor Election ScandalDr. B Mitchell
Commemorative Paving Stone: Greenwood VCDerek Hunt
Parking FinesDr. B Mitchell
Alarming Fire in Thames StreetDr. B Mitchell
Lord Robert’s Veterans: Robert StobieC Dixon-Smith
The Windsor and Eton SocietyAnne Taylor
Captain Campbell: Zulu War CasualtyDerek Hunt
The Ricky-Tick ClubMargaret Kirkby
Articles marked with a (*) then the full article available online by clicking the link.


Welcome to the 35th edition of Windlesora.

This year we had an embarrassment of riches when it came to contributions, making the job of choosing which to include more difficult than in previous years.

One highlight of this year was finding the missing painting donate to the Royal Borough by Wildfred Higgens, one of Windsor’s Royal Academy artists. Another was the publication of the book on the Ricky-Tick Club. We have articles on both subjects and they are fascinating.

We continue with both the Windsor Cemetry and Lord Roberts and the Veterans series, as well as honouring anniversaries, local people, as well as organisations and events that may otherwise be lost or forgotten.

Revisiting a subject always raises interest, as in the case with both the Camelopard and Doris Mellor articles. We can entertain new readers while bringing more or new information to our regular audience.

Our website was completely overhauled early this year and the soft launch has proven successful. Many of the pages are ‘under construction’ but give an indication of the wealth of information that will be available in the future.

We have had more enquiries this year than ever before, including requests for locating addresses and identifying locations in photographs. Some are swiftly answered, and others require some research, but we endeavour to find an answer for everyone. Do find the time to visit us online.

The breadth and depth of members’ research is exhilarating, and we look forward to bringing more of Windsor’s history to you here and online.

Finally, a special thank you goes to The Royal Collection Trust for giving us permission to use The Nubian Giraffe by Jaques-Laurent Agasse on our front cover. It is a rather beautiful and vibrantly colourful painting.

Enjoy reading this year’s Windlesora.

Carol Dixon-Smith