Windlesora 27


Published in 2011.

Front Cover

Windlesora 27 (2011)

The front cover picture is a detail from a caricature by James Gilray (1757-1815) titled Temperance Enjoying s Frugal Meal (with Queen Charlotte tucking into sauerkraut) which is ridiculing the royal couple’s supposed penny-pinching ways. It was drawn in 1792.


The Squire of WindsorHester Davenport
Royal TheftHester Davenport
Instruments of Punishment Tudor & StewartElias Kupfermann
A Case of Witchcraft in Elizabethan WindsorElias Kupfermann
Murder in Arthur RoadBrigitte Mitchell
Executions of Windsor CriminalsBrigitte Mitchell
Prisons, Crimes, and Punishment in Windsor C19Brigitte Mitchell
Lost and Found – The Foundation in Osborne RoadNorman Oxley
Holy Trinity Chapel, Denmark StreetAlan Tickle
The Trial following the attempted assignation of Queen VictoriaRobert W Wilson
Duchess Blair (*)Pamela Marson
A Windsor Pioneer
How a Small Idea Led to the Probation Service
Pamela Marson
Parings from Park Street
A Georgian Building and a pocketful of personalities
John E Handcock
The first English Police Dogfrom Clewer Museum
Pillory, Tumbrell, and Gallows
Criminal Justice in Medieval Windsor
David Lewis
The Queen’s DiscretionChris Vivash
A Murdered Child and the last execution in Reading JailSue Ashley
The Windsor Martyrs
Burnt at the Stake
Jean Kirkwood
Clewer Police Station (*)Brigitte Mitchell
Book Reviews:
Vanished Windsor by Elias Kupfermann
Windsor Great Park by Andrew Fielder

Andrew Fielder
Brigitte Mitchell
Obituary: Mollie CunninghamRoger Cullingham
Articles marked with a (*) then the full article available online by clicking the link.