Windlesora 21


Published in 2005.

Front Cover

Windlesora 21 (2005)

The front cover picture is a postcard of Windsor Castle viewed across the Thames about a hundred years ago.


Windsor and the Sea CadetsJohn Handcock
Windsor Swimming ClubKath Saunders
Sea Rangers in WindsorKath Saunders
Waterworks and WellsBrigitte Mitchell
Queen Mary’s Fountain:
– The Building of Windsor Water Conduit
David Lewis
Windsor Barracks & the Problem with the DrainsBrigitte Mitchell
Three Thames LocksJohn Kemplay
Eton Excelsior Rowing ClubJoyce Sampson
EERC – Fifty Years on – the President’s ViewColin Oakley
Foul Water and the ThamesValerie Batt-Rawden
Eton & Windsor Royal Humane SocietyRBMC
Eton Wick Boys Gather Wild Flowers c1895Frank Bond
The Poor Knights of Windsor – a modern recipeJudith Hunter
– Judith Hunter PhD MBE
– Shiela Rooney
Ray Mitchell and Michael Mills

Hester Davenport
Joyce Sampson
Book Review
– The Prince’s Mistress
Alison Haymonds
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Obituary: Ray Mitchell and Michael Mills

]Sadly, we must also record the death of Ray Mitchell, husband of our secretary Dr. Brigitte Mitchell. Although not a member of the Group, Ray has always gave us his support and wrote his memories of the 1950s for Windlesora 20. He was one of our best salesmen and willingly moved people and things from place to place for us. We were cheered by his friendly smile and he could always see the best side of any situation. Our sympathies go out to Brigitte and all their family.

In a year that has been traumatic for the Grou, we have also lost Michale Mills, who wrote two articles on buses for us.