Windlesora 20


Published in 2003.

Front Cover

Windlesora 20 (2003)

Cover Picture: The Household Cavalry in Peascod Street by Louise Rayner after 1877.

Miss Louise Rayner (c1832-1924) was a member of a large family of artists and she painted over a hundred scenes of an English town including another view of Windsor, St Goerge’s Chapel exterior, and Eton Collge Chapel. Queen Victoria admired a drawing she made of the interior of St George’s Chapel. Most of her paintings were full of life and in the same distinctive style. Her works were listed in 1877 and this painting was not included so it is assumed that it was after that date. Many of her watercolours are of Chester where she lived from 1869-1890, though her subjects included Edinburgh, Winchester, and Canterbury.


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