Windlesora 18


Published in 2000.

Front Cover

Windlesora 18 (2000)

Front cover: St John the Baptist Church, New Windsor. Reproduced from AT Barber’s Windsor in the Last Century, published in 1897. A digital version is available on RWWS.


The Year 2000 (*)
Passages of a Working Life:
– Early Reminiscences: A Prelude
Charles Knight
St John the Baptist Church, New Windsor:
– The Old Church
Elizabeth Brown
The Creators of the DioramasClive and Christine Chambers
St Peter’s School, Old WindsorMargaret Gilson
New Volunteer at the Royal Borough Museum CollectionDamaris V Graham
Denman and GoddardMichael Goddard
Michael GoddardMichael Bayley
Mrs. Horace Didge and St Leonard’s MansionShiela Rooney
Eton Wick:
– A Village in the Shadow of Eton
Frank Bond
The Reverend Arthur Robins MAGordon Cullingham
Debunking a Myth:
– The Copper Horse
Pamela Marson
Book Review:
– Buildings of Old Windsor
Hester Davenport
– Gordon Cullingham
– Nuggets from my Father’s Work

Joyce Sampson
Roger Cullingham
Articles marked with a (*) then the full article available online by clicking the link.

The Year 2000

The whole of the country seems t be prepared to celebrate the year 2000 as the beginning of a New Millennium. In fact, it is the end of the old one and the end of the twentieth century.

When the year of the birth of Jesus Christ was calculated (albeit wrongly), it was called the year 1AD, and it followed the year 1BC immediately. There never was a year 0. The years were actually expressed in Roman numerals and the Romans had no 0; they did not understand the mathematical concept of 0. If the first millennium began in the year 1AD then the third one begins in the year 2001AD.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century the same debate was held, and two hundred years ago they got it right. 1st January 1801 was held to be the first day of the new century.

Charles Knight, the founder of the Windsor and Eton Express, was ten years old at that time and he later wrote of his feelings. He seems to have had some of the forebodings that many people are reported to have about the year 2000.