Windlesora 07


Published in 1988.

Front Cover

Windlesora 07 (1988)

Cover design: Moody and Sankey’s tent at Eton.


The Guildhall TercentenaryRaymond South
Revival: Moody and Sankey in WindsorFred Fuzzens
Windsor’s History in PrintDavid Hedges
SJ Stone: the Hymn Writer of SpitalValerie Bonham
Capper’s Dictionary, 1825Pamela Marson
The Catholic Church in WindsorJean Kirkwood
The Ruins of Windsor, USAGordon Cullingham
In Memoriam: Phyllis Reddick (*)Anne Brett
A Memory of Queen VictoriaPhyllis Reddick
The Streets of Windsor and Eton, 2nd Edition
SerendipityPamela Marson
Book Review
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