Windlesora 03


Published in 1984.

Front Cover

Windlesora 03 (1984)

The cover drawing is a handbill advertising the Electric Telegraph and a line drawing of Telegraph Coverage at Slough, adjacent to the GWR Station. It was the first terminus of the electric telegraph anywhere in the world.


The Telephone comes to WindsorFred Fuzzens
Roses and Lillies:
– the early years of the Clewer Sisters
Valerie Bonham
‘Do you know ….?’Beryl Hedges
The First Aeronauts at WindsorGordon Cullingham
War Time ElectionRaymond South
The Brocas Family of ClewerJean Kirkwood
More ‘Do you know ….?’Beryl Hedges
The Poor Knights of Windsor
A Modern RecipeJudith Hunter
Excavating at WraysburyEric Fitch
The Princess Margaret Royal Free SchoolJoan Toseland
What’s in a NameGordon Cullingham
Answers to ‘Do you know …?’Beryl Hedges
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