Since its inception, WLHG has published research on the town and its people, either annually as in our journal Windlesora, or as the group, such as the Windsor and Eton Express book. Members have also published their research individually. Here are a selection of our publications. Please do get in contact if you are looking to source one of these as we do hold a small stock for sale.


The Institute that became an Institution

The History of the Royal Albert Institute Trust

by John Handcock CVO DL LLB

The latest publication from one of our historians is the history of the Royal Albert Institute. Its full of fascinating information, and the names of those who visited is very impressive.  Although slim, it is good value for money and such an interesting book.

ISBN: 978-09545-8711-6

Windsor and Eton Express 1812 – 1830

The Charles Knight Years

by Dr Brigitte Mitchell and members of the WLHG

Windsor and Eton Express 1812-1830 was written to celebrate the 200 years of informing, educating, and entertaining the community since the first edition of the newspaper was published. Using articles in the newspaper during the period, it tells the story of the founders, Charles Knight and his son (also Charles), and their world as they report and comment on news  locally, nationally, and internationally.

ISBN: 978-09505-5678-9

Windsor in the Great War

by Derek Hunt and Dr Brigitte Mitchell

The Great War involved people from all backgrounds and had a deep impact on every aspect of civilian life; from recruitment to exemptions, rationing and shortages to sacrifice and suffering, the heartbreaking to the comic.  Windsor in the Great War tells the stories of the men who served, the families they left behind, and how a garrison town came together to support the war and their men in it. Using letters, newspapers, photographs, and personal accounts, the candour and courage of Windsor’s lost generation shines through. Informative and atmospheric, the authors cover every aspect of the war as it impacted the town and its people.

ISBN: 978-09505-5679-6

Windsor A Thousand Years

a living history 

by Windsor Local History Publications Group

Did you know that Oscar Wilde’s “Ballad of Reading Jail” was inspired by the execution of a Windsor man? Do you know when Windsor became a Royal Borough? This fascinating illustrated chronology of life in Windsor and Old Windsor over the last thousand years will tell you of the people, places and events which have made the two communities what they are today.

ISBN: 0-950556-75-0

Streets of Windsor & Eton

by Windsor Local History Publications Group

Did you know that the poet Geoffrey Chaucer was Clerk of Works at St George’s Chapel in 1390 but no road in Windsor was named after him until the 1990s? Did you know that Queen Charlotte Street is the shortest street in England but no one has ever lived there? Did you know that St Alban’s Street was named after the son of a royal mistress? Find out about these fascinating facts and more in this book on the streets of Windsor, Eton and Old Windsor.

ISBN: 0-9505-567-69

Vanished Windsor

Compiled by Elias Kupfermann

Vanished Windsor is a pictorial record of past views of the townscape of central Windsor. It explores building which have disappeared from within the town from the medieval period to the present day. The innovation of the camera allows a snapshot of the past as it happens. Photographs enable long lost buildings , traditions and ceremonies to be recorded which have disappeared with time. Using a variety of sources and many previously unpublished drawings and photographs this book illustrates how Windsor changed over the centuries and how the town has evolved to create the Windsor of today.

ISBN: 978-0-9505-5677-2