Fred Fuzzens

Published in Windlesora 15 (1997)

FRED FUZZENS contributed to every issue of Windlesora from number 3 to number 12. In some of these articles, he told of his early life. I first met him when he was a postman in the mid-70s. I told him my name and he told me my address. He cared about all his customers, he cared about other people and he cared about Windsor. He wrote letters to the press almost every week, campaigning for the people of Windsor.

If something needed doing Fred would get it done.

The pillar box at Dedworth Green Post Office was often over-full. Fred got us a bigger one.

There was no bus shelter for the old people of Leslie Dunne House. Fred arranged for one.

Romney Walk, along the riverside was overgrown. Fred got the path cleared.

He would often push a piece of paper through my letterbox with details of some exciting historical find he had made. A day or two before he died I heard him on Radio Four in “Any Answers” when he gave his own ideas about what the Queen should say in her Christmas broadcast.

He was once dubbed ‘the singing postman’ by the local press, and they finally dubbed him ‘Windsor’s greatest fan’ and ‘a man in a million’.

Pamela Marson